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Investment in Italy

Our team provides legal, business and tax consultancies for any kind of foreign investment in Italy, by helping the entrepreneurs of all over the world to seize the best investments opportunities.

Our services:

  • Corporate Service: we offer assistance in order to obtain the necessary authorization to open offices and start a business abroad.
  • Due diligence: we support the investors to take the best decision for their company, by verifying and analysing all potential investment opportunities and critical points.
  • Contracts: we offer consultancies by conducing contracts negotiations and drawing up them.
  • Sell-side and buy-side advisory: we support you during the negotiation, evaluation, cessation of trading, acquisition phase of firms and moreover of Italian company branches or brands.
  • Location search: we search the potential locations with the help of report analysis, by paying attention to estate market for industrial, commercial, professional and residential use.
  • Assistance and negotiation: we offer strategic consultancies to identify investment opportunities in Italy; we encourage relations and agreements between local partners and public institutions; we monitor and coordinate your activity and investments in Italy.